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Product Highlights


100% soap and alkali-free


Formulated with active cleansing agents for gentle daily hair care


Glycoside surfactant blend protects hair and scalp from dryness


Keeps hair structure intact for healthy, shiny hair


Moisture-retaining properties penetrate the hair shaft, adding volume and shine


Pleasant, allergen-free fragrance

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      Recommended for frequent hair washing

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      Dermatologist recommended and dermatologist tested

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      Not tested on animals / No animal testing

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    Same pH as healthy skin

Head shampoo

What Our Everyday Shampoo Can Do For Your Scalp

Whether you're dealing with:

  • dandruff
  • sensitive skin
  • a sensitive scalp
  • an itchy scalp
  • scalp psoriasis
  • plaque psoriasis
  • oily hair
  • or dry hair

Sebamed's Everyday Shampoo is free of soap and alkali, cleanses your hair, and hydrates and moisturizes your skin.

And because it helps your scalp to lock in moisture, Everyday Shampoo fights dandruff and itchiness caused by conditions that include plaque psoriasis and dandruff.

The ultra-mild ingredients also add shine and volume to your hair, keeping it looking and feeling healthy.

How To Use

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    Make your hair wet

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    Massage shampoo into wet hair

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2no soap, no alkali

Because our ultra-mild shampoo contains no soap or alkali, it is the perfect shampoo for sensitive scalps.


It simultaneously cleans hair and hydrates your skin and scalp by locking in moisture. Everyday Shampoo helps treat and eliminate dandruff and soothes and relieves itchy scalp, which can be caused by conditions such as scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

1protect natural balance

Developed by dermatologists, this botanically-based shampoo protects the natural balance of your hair and scalp.


Gentle enough for daily use, this mild formula will not strip natural oils or cause scalp irritation. Sebamed's Everyday Shampoo helps maintain the structural integrity of your hair, enhancing shine and leaving hair soft and healthy-looking.

3stabilization and support

If you're looking for how to get rid of dandruff, it's best to figure out what causes dandruff.


Sebamed's Everyday Shampoo is formulated with a pH balance of 5.5, so it stabilizes the hair structure, and supports and protects the skin's acid mantle and scalp for healthy hair. Additionally, it gently cleanses and washes the hair and protects the scalp from further scalp irritation.

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