Medebra Mastectomy Kit White

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If the patient is on the top end of the scale, we suggest moving them up to the next size. Example: A 34” C is NOT a Small, but is a Medium.  Also, if the patient has drainage tubes, they are always moved up a size.  Medebra has sizes that will comfortably fit our fluffier girls to a 4X (52”-54”A-C)


Target Procedures: Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Augmentation, Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, and Chest Surgery (General Thoracic).The Medebra Surgical Garment can be worn alone or can be used to hold surgical dressings in place without tape. It is available in six sizes to accommodate virtually all patients without requiring extensive inventory. The Medebra is indicated for use after a wide range of surgical procedures: 
• Reduction 
• Mastectomy 
• Reconstruction 
• Lumpectomy 
• Lift 
• Biopsy 
• Augmentation 
• Fine Needle Aspiration 
• Dialisys, Patient with chest catheter 
• Chemotherapy for chest portThe Medebra Surgical Garment (Bra/Vest) 
offers the soft support and compression patients need immediately following breast surgery. Soft, breathable fabric stretches to accommodate edema without binding or irritating sensitive tissue. A front Velcro-type closure facilitates inspection of the surgical site and dressing changes.

Instructions: Wrap compression bra around the upper torso and attach Velcro shoulder strap , special design for chest ports and chest catheters for less irritation at site. 

Consider Buying Two: As it is important to have constant pressure applied on the target area, consider purchasing two compression garments so that you will always have a clean one to wear while washing the other. The more time in a compression garment, the better the results. Care: It is recommended that the garment be hand washed with mild soft soap, cold-water, line-dry.

Material: Cotton/Lycra, Flexible & Breathable, GARMENT IS 100% LATEX FREE….Made in the USA…. And a touch of feminity and dignity. 

International Hospitals Top Surgeons approvals have been given. Multi purpose patient approvals. 

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