Xeroform Occlusive Gauze Strip 5"x9"

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Xeroform Occlusive Petrolatum Gauze may be used as an initial layer in dressing surgical wounds with light exudate where mild medication and deodorization are desired. It is intended for use as a primary contact layer in dressing wounds such as lacerations, skin graft recipient sites, newly sutured wounds, abrasions, and minor or partial-thickness burns. Xeroform Non-Adhering Gauze won't stick to the wound so dressing changes are less painful and trauma to the wound is minimized. 

Benefits of Xeroform Occlusive Petrolatum Gauze Dressing

  • Collects drainage and speed up healing with the bacteriostatic/antibiotic agent
  • Stops bacteria from reproducing.
  • Maintains the moist environment for faster healing
  • Minimizes pain upon removal as it does not stick to the wound
  • Can be cut to required size.
  • Sterile, non-adhering primary dressing
  • 3% Xeroform (Bismuth Tribromophenate) and Petrolatum in a blend, on a fine mesh gauze.

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